HC8200 Medium 50g

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HC8200 is a premium metal granules specially designed to match with SPARKULAR® series machine to generate the SPARK effect. According to the particle size, it divided into 6 types: LARGEⅢ, LARGEⅡ, LARGEⅠ, LARGE, MEDIUM, SMALL. Those sizes are divided for use on dedicated SPARKULAR® models, you can find more information in below chart. Consumable and SPARKULAR® machine are always a system, when we design the machine we always considering it together. So please do only use the related types of HC8200 according to product manual. Otherwise it is easily leads to the block or malfunction of SPARKULAR®s, even it may use sometime, but it surely shorten the shelf life of machine.


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Features and advantages

- No smoke, no pyro smell;
- Granulated alloy, non-hazmat storage;
- RoHS certified, environmental friendly;
- Aluminum foil bag vacuum packaging, long shelf life.

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Weight: 50g/bag    Package: 12bags/box, 48boxes/carton

Each bag of consumable comes with a RFID card.

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